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Ministry of Sound announce 28th Birthday With Faithless, DJ Harvey & more


Ministry of Sound are pulling out all the stops for a sensational two-part 28th birthday on September 28th and  October 5th 2019.

The whole of the venue is set to be transformed into clubbing capitals: Ibiza, London & New York with the intensive decor to immerse clubbers into that destination. They are levelling up the detail, with immersive production that you have never experienced before. Each of the club’s famous rooms will take on its own character with actors and performers milling around to add to the uniquely theatrical occasion, all with you as one of the central starring characters in this unforgettable, movie-like experience.

Musically, they will welcome Faithless (DJ Set), DJ Harvey, Space Dimension Controller, Alfredo, Youngr (live), Feelings and many more.

Part 1 – TICKETS
Faithless DJ Set
Secret DJ
Justin Berkmann (MoS Founder)
Sean Bradford (Live PA)

Part 2 – TICKETS
DJ Harvey
Space Dimension Controller


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