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The Highlights

FOLD Presents: UVB / December / Nur Jaber / S Ruston / Voicedrone


Saturday 14th September marks a significant date on the FOLD calendar- the return of UVB, Nur Jaber, S Ruston and December. The 600 capacity club is one of London’s most exciting new spaces, taking the raving experience right back to where it started…a sweaty warehouse!

UVB and Nur Jaber have made truly made an impression on the electronic scenes of the UK and Berlin between them with consistent releases on OSF, MORD & more. A ravey B2B between S Ruston and Voicedrone means that anything from jungle and techno to EBM is set to make an appearance. Parisian producer December completes the bill for a darker take on proceedings throughout the night.

Expect an amalgamation of unpredictable sounds ’til the early hours.

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