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Top 5 ‘Hidden Heroes’ DJ Live Streams


“We have found the hidden heroes of DJ live streams for you”

You can’t flick through Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram or Mixcloud at the moment without seeing a load of DJ streams. We all know about the amazing outdoor adventures of SUAT – which you can watch on Data Transmission facebook. Defected Records have wow us with their groundbreaking virtual festivals. We thought, what about all the smaller high quality streams that may get overlooked?

That’s where we come in!

DJ / Producer AndThen and the team have watched many a live DJ stream to find the ‘hidden DJ Livestream heroes’ of lockdown. To come up with just 5 was hard to do and these are listed aren’t in any particular order, as they all bring something different to the party.

Sunday Funday –  In the Groovelab

This regular Sunday aural feast is curated by the Groovekode boys. A great mix of disco, house and tech, which has seen guests such as HOBBS, Hansel and Gretel, Dirty Bird’s No Messin’ and of course Groovekode, The emphasis on this DJ Livestream is fun (thus the name) and this is seen in the bright visuals and interactive zoom calls So grab a Sunday afternoon tipple and get locked in.

Here’s one of their guests Scotland’s Billy Morris: https://www.facebook.com/groovekode/videos/1594704510686958

Thirty3HZ – At Home series

This period has been more than difficult for nightclubs but Surrey club Thirty3Hz has brought their club to you, with their ‘at home’ series. With cracking sets from the likes of Loéca, Harriet Jackson, The Dunmore brothers and UKG special with DJ Hatcha, there is something for everyone. Neil Wooldridge events manager at Thirty3HZ said “ Thirty3Hz has a loyal community of followers and some of them rely on the club for their music fix every single weekend. With the absence of the dancefloor, we felt like we should do something to fill that void for them in any way we can. Thanks to the DJs that offered to take part in our ‘At Home’ streams and of course the accessibility of modern technology to make it all possible, I feel as though we did manage to go someway to achieve that.”

Here’s Harriet Jackson dropping some lockdown belters!

I Got In – I Got Locked In

‘I Got in’ is a new Cambridge based party that has been gaining moment on the local scene over the past year. Unfortunately, just before their first birthday the bars and clubs were shut nationally.  This didn’t put off founder Ree2 as coming out of adversity is how the party got started. ‘I Got In’ was set up after Ree2 and a group of friends went to see Camelphat and he was the only one in a big group not to get in. After a bit of brainstorming ‘I Got In’ was born.

Check out ‘I Got In’ head honcho Ree2 doing his thing: https://www.facebook.com/IGotInevents/posts/255218495878790

In It Together – Lockdown sessions

If there was ever a record label name that reflected the nation’s mood at the moment, this is it. The bum wiggling house label has made Thursday nights their own with their lockdown sessions. There is even a live PA by Lee Wilson.

Here is ‘In it together’  head honcho Jas P https://www.facebook.com/iitrecords/videos/921543484986291

South West Riddem

For the final, but no means least, live DJ stream, we go into drum and bass. Outside of Bristol, the South West may not be seen as a drum and bass hub but Exeter label and events team South West Riddem will say otherwise. Of course, the music is top-notch, but you can also donate to the charity Mind and the NHS during the streams.

Check out REIDA here for some drum and bass loveliness https://www.facebook.com/swriddim/videos/755612348594028/