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Reviewed: Arturia Pigments 3


First of all, I have to say that Arturia’s Pigments 3 was love at first sight!

It is definitely one of the most versatile VST’s in the market. For the last 6 months, Pigments took over my sound design workflow as the possibilities are truly limitless and version 3 is just blowing my mind.

Something you won’t see every day on a VST is a combination of 3 oscillators analog-style engine, wavetable, sample playback with granular synthesis capabilities and now with the latest upgrade the harmonic engine for additive synthesis and a third utility engine.

The Harmonic engine is without a doubt the biggest feature of the upgrade, allowing users to control a combination of sine waves adding up to 512 partials for richer sounds. You can also customise odd and even harmonics and morph from A to B of the wide variety of filter shapes.

The new Utility engine counts with a fourth oscillator and 2 sample-based noise generators. Although the amount of noises is quite large there’s no option to import your own noise samples, which could make things a lot more fun.

64 wavetables were included to make a total of 164 in its library plus the possibility of importing your own.

A multi-band compressor and a pitched delay are new features of the effects section. The Chorus Jun-6 (Roland Juno-6 emulation) and the BL-20 Flanger (Bel BF-20) can bring ease to the “vintage sound lovers” in times of modern sound design. Not only that, Arturia added its own Jup-8 V4’s (Roland Jupiter-6) low-pass filter and either filter 1 or 2 now can be routed to either FX bus A or B.

Extra points to Arturia for adding in-app tutorials plus the video tutorials on their website. I wish every VST had such an easy way to learn them.

For holders of version 2, the new upgrade is FREE but for newcomers Pigments 3 is available here with 50% discount of its original price for £84.95 and you can choose between DriveShaper or Dubstation 2 for free.


The Brazilian Petrus Steil crossed the Atlantic seeking new experiences and he found it. That’s how Reverbate came to be. Even though the project has only 1 year of existence it carries a baggage with important experiences having played in clubs such as Index, District 8 and The Wright Venue, supporting high calibre artists like Gui Boratto, Victor Ruiz and Amine Edge & Dance. He also released in record labels such as Price Incorrect (BR), Puchero Records (CR), Data Transmission (UK), Lust Be (BR), Gangster Music (Chile) and Puro Groove (Chile). On the rhythms and grooves of the electronic music he found a new form of connection, not only within himself but mainly with the public. With intense DJ sets full of swing and energy Reverbate knows how to make the most diverse dance floors shake.

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