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Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers Unboxing / Review


The Kanto YU4 is ideal for a modern lifestyle. It easily connects with your phone, TV, laptop, desktop computer and turntable. YU4 is the choice if space is limited (student, first flat, city living etc) but you still want high quality stereo sound, a stylish talking point, and some seriously versatile speakers! YU4 has all you need to stream audio (Bluetooth 4.0 aptX), amplify TV and movie experiences or make gaming more immersive (optical TOSLINK), or to get the most out of a vinyl collection (built-in phono pre-amp and phono input!).

The YU4 deliver a massive sound for their size with 140W peak power, 4” Kevlar drivers and 1” silk dome tweeters injecting detailed sound into every corner of a room. With five inputs and a subwoofer output, they’ll bring any sounds to life. YU4 also includes a USB port allowing it to power any smart home device like Amazon Echo or Google Home Mini, or to charge your phone. They come in a cool a range of seven colours and one wood finish.

We checked out YU4 desktop speakers which RRP at £299.99 for more info head to https://kantoaudio.com


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