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Reviewed: Bass Master from Loopmasters



The Bass Master is a bass-oriented VST from Loopmasters and sold exclusively at Pluginboutique.

Easy to navigate and a really nice clean layout/design. It comes packed with presets to get you on your way in no time at all and is really easy to get the hang of quickly.

You get two layers of Bass to play with and mix together, giving you a wide range of really wicked, big sounding bass sounds that really pack a punch.

Loaded with filter and FX settings you can really mold your own, unique but expertly mixed bass lines and it has a built with frequency cut off at the bottom so that you ensure your bass is not muddy.

You can also bypass the sublayer from any effects so that you ensure you will not lose any of your heavy low end in the mix. I have been using this all week now and 100% you will hear it in some of my upcoming productions.

Check it out and grab yours today!

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