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REVIEWED: iZotope Neoverb in partnership with Plugin Boutique


First of all: What??

iZotope just created a reverb plug-in that listens to your settings and automatically EQs the pre and post signal to better fit your mix. Well done!

Let’s start with the Pre EQ Audio Cut:

This feature will listen to the dry signal and automatically remove the frequencies which can cause muddiness. A Amount fader will help you adjust how much of the EQ will be applied. You can also DIY but you only get 3 points to do so while the AI will create as many as it is needed. 

The Reverb EQ minimizes the overlap of frequencies and brings more clarity between either the Dry & Wet or the Wet & other channel’s signal. On the second option the EQ will detect only tracks with iZotope plug-ins such as VocalSynth 2, Nectar 3, Neutron 3 and Relay.

The Blending Pad by default will allow you to manually blend between Reflections, Plate and Hall. The Plate can be turned into Medium Chamber or Room while Hall can be switched to Large Chamber. You can also turn them ON and OFF simply clicking on the blue, purple and orange buttons.

Going to Neoverb Advanced Panel is when things get more interesting:

Reflections is where you will be able to adjust the early reverbs switching between Time, Size, Diffusion and Angle. You can also use a LPF as you prefer.

Using Plate and Hall sections there is something rarely seen in reverb plugins, the Time can be switched to BPM over the DAW making it much easier to adjust other than having to use math to calculate how many milliseconds is a ¼ of the BPM you are using. It can also be used on Pre-Delay. Ten points to Gryffindor!

An effect-only Vocal Doubler feeds into one where the “dry” signal—actually a doubled one!—is processed.

The Mod gives some extra subtle Square or Sine wave pitch movement but even at its maximum Rate and Depth is not too strong. 

The Smooth button subtly removes some of the attack of the reverb.

Now that we know all about iZotope Neoverb’s settings let’s talk about the elephant in the room: The Reverb Assistant

Right after clicking on it you’ll be given a few options to choose from:

Adjust them at your taste and hit Next. It will automatically go through the Pre EQ and Reverb EQ analysis and Voilà! Instead of changing every setting we saw earlier manually Neoverb will change them all according to what you had in mind when adjusting the Reverb Assistant. Obviously you will be able to make more adjustments after that.

Final Thoughts:

Thinking outside of the box is what defines this plugin. Not only combining features but also bringing something new to the table. I believe this is a must have in every professional and amateur studio as it makes every one’s life easier and opens a bigger range of possibilities when dealing with reverb.

Grab you copy here on Plugin Boutique!

Reverbate’s ‘Dejavu’ is part of our BOOST Weapons Brighton Music Conference Compilation, which you can check out below and you can download the whole VA on Beatport.


The Brazilian Petrus Steil crossed the Atlantic seeking new experiences and he found it. That’s how Reverbate came to be. Even though the project has only 1 year of existence it carries a baggage with important experiences having played in clubs such as Index, District 8 and The Wright Venue, supporting high calibre artists like Gui Boratto, Victor Ruiz and Amine Edge & Dance. He also released in record labels such as Price Incorrect (BR), Puchero Records (CR), Data Transmission (UK), Lust Be (BR), Gangster Music (Chile) and Puro Groove (Chile). On the rhythms and grooves of the electronic music he found a new form of connection, not only within himself but mainly with the public. With intense DJ sets full of swing and energy Reverbate knows how to make the most diverse dance floors shake.

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