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Seth Troxler X Horizn Studios Introducing: The Dj Trolley St.


Seth Troxler and Horizn Studios together introduce the Horizn DJ Trolley ST, their solution to the ultimate pain point for world-travelling DJs. Horizn Studios creates high-end contemporary luggage and travel essentials designed to keep the urban nomad connected, and enhance every step of the journey through smart technological integration.

The partnership developed organically from its nascence, as both Seth and the Horizn Founders recognized the need for a highly functional bag designed specifically for DJs. For Seth, who travels more than most flight attendants, the ultimate design-focused and function-forward luggage was always a quest. Travelling as much as Seth does, luggage really gets put through a stress test, and he felt it needs to be able to “survive the challenge without costing the earth”. When the two partners decided to collaborate on developing the perfect case for DJs record bag, it was like a eureka moment for Seth: he found a partner whose ethos and goals harmonized seamlessly with his brand.

Combined with the seasoned expertise from the Founders from Horizn, and Seth’s professional traveler status, the collaboration has resulted in a highly practical, style-conscious DJ bag that addresses touring artists’ needs. Their mutual objective of offering consumers consistent quality, whilst focusing on all aspects of the travel experience, has led to the development of a superior solution for DJs which is essentially a “stylish trade bag”. There is no product on the market that offers so much, from the detachable organization compartments, to its power charging and GPS capability.