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Pioneer DJ launch the New PLX-CRSS12 Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable


AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of the PLX-CRSS12 professional digital-analogue hybrid turntable from its Pioneer DJ brand. This game-changing deck is the world’s first to offer DVS control of digital music via DJ software as well as analogue playback of vinyl records, helping you take your performances to the next level.
Never worry about the needle skipping again when you use the PLX-CRSS12 in DVS mode with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox. The tone-arm-free playback means you can scratch a real analogue record as vigorously as you like without fear of missing a beat. And when you want to play a record the traditional way, you can simply switch the deck to Analog mode and use the tonearm as normal.

Tone-arm-free DVS control 

No matter how hard you scratch, you’ll never experience needle skipping when you use the PLX-CRSS12 in Digital Vinyl mode, thanks to the tone-arm-free system. The new MAGVEL CLAMP holds a record firmly in place when you touch it, enabling it to directly control the digital music file, giving you the true feeling of vinyl with no need to use the tonearm. 

Feeling adjustment to suit your style 

Find your perfect “weight” setting by turning the dial on top of the MAGVEL CLAMP. The amount of torque will be increased or decreased to make the record feel lighter or heavier without changing or adjusting slip mats or slip sheets.

Performance Pads and OLED display

The new 4 built-in MIDI-mappable Performance Pads put your favourite features at your fingertips. They’re right where you need them – just below the platter – so you can fire off Hot Cues and samples quicker than ever. And with the OLED display, you can keep an eye on the tempo range, BPM, key, deck number information, and the name of the software you’re running.

Evolved, high-quality sound

The PLX-CRSS12 has been carefully built to improve on the sound quality of the PLX-1000 professional DJ turntable, which is highly acclaimed for its accurate sound reproduction. A switching power supply is used to eliminate transformer power supply vibration and flux leakage, and unwanted noise is suppressed, resulting in high-resolution sound quality.

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Grahame Farmer

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