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Maschine and Traktor owners can connect wirelessly with Ableton Link



Native Instruments show off Maschine and Traktor together in new performance demo video

Maschine and Traktor make for perfect partners in a short demo video featuring Maschine Jam & Traktor Kontroller S4, using Ableton Link, allowing for simple, reliable syncing with any other supported audio software. Syncing with Ableton Link can be done by clicking a button in each application, whether locally on one machine or over wired and wireless networks. Jamming together with multiple DJ setups is now a reality, and producers looking to expand their performance tools.

Native Instruments President, Mate Galic says: “Traktor has always provided features that went beyond traditional DJing and offered unique ways to play with music. Link integration in TRAKTOR and MASCHINE opens new doors for creative expression, extending DJ performance set-ups with production tools for even more personalized and engaging performances. It will also allow for seamless collaboration between multiple users and champion hybrid set ups between DJing and electronic music live performances. The true potential of this feature lies in the hands of our users, who constantly impress us by expressing themselves through our products in inventive and creative ways.”


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