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Leaked Images of New Designs for Roland Products



The big 909 Day happening at the end of the week on the 9th September (9/09) has caused lots of speculation around possible Roland announcements.

There seems there may be no smoke without fire as some images of what they’re meant to be unveiling have popped up online before they were able to do it themselves – trust the internet.

One of these leaks comes from a user by the name of Moogulator on sequencer.de (a German forum for discussion and general synth-talk).  The new Roland gear was spotted in an advert from October’s Keyboard Magazine – with a brand new System-8 synth.


Sequencer.de also has images of TR-909 and TB-303 reboots, no doubt to time in with Roland’s 909 celebration, so we will be keeping em’ peeled on the site for Roland’s 909 Celebration on September 9.


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