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Cyclone Analogic Release The TT-606 Drum Drone


TT 606

The Cyclone Analogic TT-606 Drum Drone is an analogue drum processor featuring an additional sequencer and expanded option set. The TT-606 has individual outputs for each instrument, MIDI In/Out & Thru, headphone jack and an amplifier send.

The instruments included are Bass Drum, Snare, Low & High Toms, Cymbal, Open & Closed Hihats, Rimshot and Clap. A fixed parameter can be adjusted for each sound using the instrument selection switch whilst the sequencer is running.

The parameters for each sound are as follows: Bass drum – Pitch, Snare drum – Snappy, Low & High Toms – Pitch, Cymbal – Decay, Open HiHat – Decay, Close HiHat – Pitch, Rim Shot – Decay and Clap – Mix Noise. Furthermore each track has access to an additional ACCENT track, FLAM track and ROLL track.