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Best Mixing Software Plugins VST



In this video, producer Tim Cant runs through 5 of the most popular, some might say best, Plugins / Software (VST/AU) for Mixing including Beatformer’s ‘Accusonus’, Pro-MB’s ‘FabFilter’, stompDelay’s ‘PSP Audioware’, Virtual Mix Rack (VMR)’s ‘Slate Digital’, Neutron 2’s ‘iZotope’

5. Beatformer – Accusonus

Getting the drums to hit hard enough to make an impact – but not too hard to lose the overall level or crowd out the other instruments – is one of the finer points of a mix engineer’s skills.

With Accusonus’s Beatformer, you get four controls for the final stage of a drum mix, and they’re all descriptively named to help you out: Punch helps your beats to cut through the mix with transient shaping, Boom gets the bass region under control, Air controls the brightness of the sound and gives high frequencies extra sheen, and Squash adds character and power.

The technology behind these for simple controls is far more in-depth than you might imagine, taking the guesswork out of bus processing and letting you concentrate on other things.


4. Pro-MB – FabFilter 

EQ and compression won’t solve every problem in your mix – sometimes you need a little bit of combination to make the magic happen.

Pro-MB is a multiband dynamics device, meaning that it can reactively compress or expand signals, but it can do so to individual frequency bands as you see fit. Just click in the frequency analyzer to call up one band, and add more bands and separate them as you see fit to start setting up multiband compression, expansion or gating configurations.

Pro-MB’s control set also makes it easy to do scary-sounding things like upward compression or downward expansion – it’s so simple because of the Range control, which you can set to positive or negative values.


3. stompDelay – PSP Audioware 

Sometimes mixing isn’t about getting bogged down in technical details – sometimes it’s about throwing on a great effect that you know will work wonders on any kind of sound. For those times, PSP’s stompDelay is the perfect prescription.

This stompbox-style delay syncs to tempo, and has an LFO onboard, as well as filtering, limiting and saturation to bring the old-school tape delay-style sounds. It’s a simple effect that will have you up and running straight away, and the price is not to be argued with in any way.


2. Virtual Mix Rack (VMR) – Slate Digital

To mix a wide variety of projects, you’re going to need a wide variety of compressors and EQs, and Slate’s analogue-modelled processors are some of the best in the game.

Virtual Mix Rack works as – you guessed it – a rack system, where you can load a suite of classic processors in the order you see fit, based on the signal path you want. With the initial pack, you get four components – two EQs and two compressors, and there are more elements to get via upgrade or subscription.

It’s not a cheap solution, but the legendary sounds on offer are worth it if you can afford them.


1. Neutron 2 – iZotope

Put simply, Neutron is the Future. At the most basic level, it’s a channel-strip plugin with EQ, gating, two compressors, an exciter and a transient shaper… but that’s just the start.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, it analyzes multiple mix channels and automatically sets its modules up to give you a starting point towards mixing your project. Of course, you can tweak the settings of the channel strip modules and re-order them as you like to get the right sound.

The Advanced version of Neutron 2 contains the full suite of AI auto-mixing technology, and also comes with goodies like the Visual Mixer, for mixing all your Neutron-laden channels in one view, and the Tonal Balance Control plugin, which gives you a handle on how your mix compares to professional tracks in frequency spectrum and the bass’s dynamic range.



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