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Spotlight Mix: Maia Lee


Maia Lee was born Sophie Lee, and as a DJ, she has spent the last eight years honing her craft and picking up residencies at parties from the west to the east ends of London as well as parties in Ibiza and Dubai.

Her broad and well informed style is couched in house music but takes cues from funk, soul and deeper pockets of the musical spectrum. As a producer who has graduated from Point Blank, her foray into mixing and beat making is an impressive one that already exudes warmth and very real atmosphere.

1) Ali Nasser – Halucinatia
2) Ion Ludwig – Idz Life
3) Mene – Chronicle
4) Rau.du – Raw Fields
5) Alex & Digby – Kudlak
6) Mudu – Imara
7) Kepler. – Making Chords
8) Signal – Spacedrive (Levi Verspeek Remix)
9) MINIdub_ – 001.2
10) Malandra Jr. – Paolo’s Dream (Hanfry Martinez Remix)
11) Maia Lee – 4AM