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Spotlight Mix

Kindimmer joins the Spotlight Series



Poker Flat Recordings have released a new four-track EP, titled ‘Merge’ from Greek Techno / House producer Thanasis Voulgaris. Under his Kindimmer moniker, Voulgaris has been putting out quality dancefloor music since 2010, including a handful of releases already for Steve Bug’s iconic Poker Flat label.

Today, he joins our Spotlight mix series.

1.Beat.Imprint – Rskreversedrag (COHG Edit)
2.The Analog Roland Orchestra – Transmission 2
3.Knowsum – Robots Are Better
4.Steven Julien – Marie
5.Herbert – Downgrade
6.Moony Me – Puzzle Shuffle
7.Jus Tadi – Remember
8.Karizma – Church Chords
9.Mr. Statik – Simplygoddess
10.Cabasa – Ancient Forest
11.Deadboy – Deemz
12.Dj Seinfeld – Sakura
13.Mathew Jonson – The prophet
14.Ross from friends – Project cybersyn
15. Kindimmer – Ride with me
16.Luke Vibert – Spiral staircase (AFX remix)