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Spotlight Mix

James Winter joins the Spotlight Mix


Flash back to 2007 and James is an obsessive nightclub punter in Leeds, England, the city that’s renowned as being among one of the best underground clubbing destinations in the UK, packed to the brim with world class international headliners week in week out. The amount of inspiration coming out of this place was unbelievable and he knew he had to be a part of it.

Fast forward to 2018 and James has now been in Australia for five years, is a permanent resident/local and proudly resides in Melbourne, previously holding a residency at Onesixone on Fridays in the main room for over two years, successfully creating a rooftop party ‘Digital Sunsets’ on Saturday afternoons and finally calling it a day in 2016 to pursue other musical passions.

James has also been fortunate enough to play Maitreya Festival on two occasions and has also held down residencies at Tramp Saturdays (2016-2017), The Summit at Circus, has co run brand ‘Frequency’ at Pawn & Co/Revolver, for over a year and is currently a regular addition to The Breakfast Club lineups as well as currently being a resident for Rawsum at Revolver upstairs

Aside from the recent success in Melbourne, James is constantly trying to improve his music production skills, while having constant releases (between 1-3 a month) on various labels in Europe (Conceptual records, Whoyostro, Habits) and a recent signing to London label Music Related.

Today, he joins the Spotlight Mix series.

James Winter – 2 Step Tool (forthcoming on Whoyostro)
Enzo Siragusa – Desire
Mi.no – (unreleased)
Haris & Dedan – Elektro Oro (Silverlining)
James Winter – Brassic Lint (forthcoming on Music Related, UK)
Casey Spillman – 10th Flavour
Kerouac & Smile – (unreleased)
James Winter – The Soul Funky Train – Conceptual
James Winter – Wind It Up – unreleased
Mitti – Salata
Billy Rath – Raw Cuts 1
Kreutziger Kollectiv – To The Loop (Willers Brothers Remix)
Sascha Funke – Moses – (Stimming Remix)