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Indira Paganotto joins the Spotlight Mix


Indira Paganotto born in 1992 and is currently one of the most talented producer of the national electronic music. Indira has had an eclectical musical education . Her father, DJ in Goa (India) in the 90 was her musical reference from small and his collection of acid house, goa trance , jazz and rock psychodelic was the perfect library for the young italocanary.

At 16 she became interested in the vinyls of her father and began to DJing in clubs on the island. The following year Ian Pooley signed her in his label , she created her first vinyl “Underground Love ” with collaborations Jef K Gwen Maze, G-Room and Ian Pooley.

She released her second vinyl in 2014 in Pooledmusic, called “Time out Man”. Having played in some of the best clubs and Festivals like Lollapalooza Festival (Argentina) , Daydream Festival , Rex Club (Paris), Egg Club (London), Harry Klein (Munich), Gare Porto (Portugal), Wooz Club (Switzerland), Delay Club (Milan), Goa – Fabrik (Madrid); and sharing the stage with International artist like Denis Horvat , Oxia, Philip Bader, Ian Pooley, Sven Vath, Marc Houle, Raxon , Davide Squillace, Maral Salmassi, Dasha Rush, Steve Bug, among others.

Indira sets are full of groove and forcefulness, she draws on elements from all genres including psy progressive, minimal, techno, and house, not afraid to blend genres or styles , always with organic acid touches ,reminiscent of her heritage musical. This energetic eclecticism has become her main signature, with her constant smile.

2019 comes loaded with new features for Indira Paganotto, she is preparing her first album and a new label that soon we will have news of. Today, she joins us on the Spotlight mix!


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