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Spotlight Mix

Eva K joins the Spotlight Mix


Eva K is originally a Russian native who grew up in Toronto, Canada. She has been musically influenced throughout her entire life, classically trained second soprano choir singer and a flute player.

She comes from a long line of musicians grasping early music knowledge from her grandfather who was a composer and a bass player. House music influenced a large portion of her adulthood initially via Toronto’s vibrant local dj scene and later through travel.

Her mixes represent an all-consuming passion for deeper, more refined sounds. She joins our Spotlight mix today! Check it out below and download it here.

Track list:

  1. Menq – Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix
  2. Stardust on My Shoes – Subandrio Remix
  3. Alumine – Matias Chilano, Berni Turletti
  4. Riells – Ziger Remix
  5. Aviv – Brian Cid
  6. Somber – Mustafa Ismaeel, Dowden
  7. Yaani Moans – Pacco & Rudy B Remix
  8. Externalizer – Dosem
  9. Masaya – Hauswerks, Manu Gonzalez
  10. You Say – Gruuve