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Spotlight Mix

Drew Quinn joins the Spotlight Mix


Drew Quinn is a DJ and Producer in London, UK, currently writing his first EP. Influenced by many genres in and out of the dance scene he believes in obtaining groove in his tracks and DJ performances in its purest form through the basic elements; bass and percussion, with a dusting of anthems and hand-selected sounds to create a truly unique experience on the dance floor with lots of surprises.

This Saturday, the indescribable phenomenon that is Malaa, embarks on his first solo journey in the UK at the iconic Ministry of Sound. Drew joins our BOOST Club in the Loft along with Data Transmission Radio presenter MYDIR, Jence and Bradley Cartwright. For our special Data Transmission Reader Ticket link, Click Here.

Look out for releases from Drew Quinn in 2020 which will be sure to add a new take and push the House genre forward to new frontiers.

Ahead of Saturday’s BOOST Club party, he joins the Spotlight Mix series, listen below and download it here.

Superuser -.Xtrak
Tar05 – .Xtrak
Life Tool – Premiesku
Little – Helper 352-3 Lucio Agustin
Little Helper 355-5 – Behache
Hooked – James Dexter
Mind Sense – Trin Kollectiv
Fugazi -Steve Huerta & Urulu Remix – Forrest, VAM, Urulu
Bau – Rhadoo
Lil Ley Enzo – Siragusa, Seb Zito
Little Helper 237-5 – Original Mix – James Dexter
Chhulub – Cabanne Remix Varhat, Cabanne
UK tINGZZZZ – Original Mix – Seb Zito
Do Your Thing – Ben Rau
Hostom001, pt. 2 – Hostom
Arbor – Premiesku
Flight Pattern – Urulu
Bān – V arhat
Jamdishes – Livio & Roby Remix Ilario Alicante, Livio & Roby
Get To This – Original Mix James Dexter
Yond – Varhat
95-96 – Seb Zito
Holywell – Original Mix Seb Zito
The Playmaker – Anthea & Celler
People Say – Nic Fanciulli Remix
Odd Stuff – Premiesku
Tar06 – .Xtrak
VHL – Original Mix – Livio & Roby