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Spotlight Mix

Catalina joins the Spotlight Mix


Catalina’s extensive music taste is as much of a mix as her background. Having been born in Romania, she grew up in Netherlands and Belgium, then moved to the UK just a few years ago. All these various influences become apparent when hearing her DJ sets all around London — from XOYO, Corsica Studios, Pickle Factory, and most notably Printworks. A lover of house and electro, her ability to fluctuate the mood within her song choices have made her a unique selector. Recently, she has been involved with Smirnoff Equalising Music mentoring program and had the chance to have a one on one session with Honey Dijon.

Moving further away from house, Catalina seems to be breaking into the realm of electro and this mix represents her newfound love for the eclectic genre. Keeping it fast-paced, the mix promises to surprise and excite listeners.

Today, Catalina joins us on the Spotlight Mix series!

1. Scientist — Dopplereffekt
2. Aether — Teslasonic
3. Giz — DJ Plead
4. Pornoactress — Dopplereffekt
5. Red Lights in Ma Eyes — Low Tape
6. Catch the Train — Kosh
7. Downpour — Contactless
8. Claptrap — Joe 
9. AK — D. Tiffany
10. HRL6 — Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor
11. Alternative 2 (Andrew Red Hand remix) — Sbles3plex
12. Annabelle — Mstep
13. Dolphin Chant — Shanti Celeste
14. Sooty Shearwater, King of Migration — Fatima Yamaha
15. Nyctinasty — Abby Echiverri
16. Mythical Technology — rRoxymore
17. Non Stop — Sansibar
18. I C Jangles (Instrumental) — Desert Sound Colony, Baby Rollen