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Will Dawson – Forever



Label: Big Lucky Music
Score: 8/10

Another hugely talented producer hailing from what seems to be the emerging new music production centre of the UK – Brighton. Big Lucky’s head honcho turns in an epic house crossover featuring talented vocalist Clementine Douglas, digressing a little from his usual smooth and funky style to a more direct house sound that is sure to appeal across the board. From first listen Forever is instant. Musically it is as well balanced as you’re going to find with an almost tribal feel to the intro but quickly spiralling into a punchy analogue house sound with an epic, driving Moog style bassline. Layer upon layer of vintage synth sounds and lovely side-chained pads, sparkling intro riffs all packed into six minutes of throwing shapes goodness. Sounding effortlessly cool like summer on a stick, the production really is exceptional. However, the knock out punch is delivered by the song. Clementine Douglas delivers a spellbinding performance, a huge booming, heartfelt, diva R&B style vocal that sits beautifully on the production. The whole affair is so insanely catchy yet somehow sounding credible for a wide variety of dancefloors I can’t help but thinking this is a big contender for a summer (and I don’t use this word lightly) anthem.

The dub should certainly not be overlooked, but after the wall of sound of the original feels somewhat lacking. It does have the benefit of letting Will’s production skills breathe and it’s cool to have a look under the hood of the original.

Forever is the sound of dancing insanely under a big top, no holds barred, in your face, unadulterated (perhaps slightly guilty) pleasure. On rotation. An absolute gem this one and it deserves some big exposure. Check it out now.