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Vinyl Speed Adjust – Carpe Diem EP



Label: Visionquest
Score: 7.5/10

The Visionquest crew has been responsible for releasing some top grade releases in recent times, and far from showing any sign of slowing down after their 50th release, they come straight out of the blocks again here with a release that again showcases why they’re known as some of the best in the game. Again showing the collective’s shrewd A&R skills, it sees them turn their attention to the work of Vinyl Speed Adjust, another fledgling outfit from Romania who evidently have the skills to pay the bills.

The bumper-packed three-tracker gets off to a cracker courtesy of the original, Carpe Diem. A really intriguing affair, it’s laced with the sort of motifs that really get under the skin. A track that will hit souls and soles, this is house music that’s full of emotion in all the best ways. Divider is an altogether different proposition, and one that is aimed more squarely in the direction of the dancefloor. Straight up tech-house, it’s the sort of battle weapon that will get everyone dancing in unison when dropped at the right moment.

Rounding out the package is the sounds of Circles from Field, and once again the boys get it spot on, holding our attention to the end thanks to their penchant for the more unlikely side of the dancefloor spectrum. Expect to hear plenty more from these guys over the coming year, they’re here to stay.