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Soul Clap – So Sedated


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 14.44.42Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
Score:  8/10

Soul Clap’s mixes have become the stuff of legend amongst house heads in the know over the past few years, while their release are equally coveted by discerning fans. For their latest party trick, the boys have come up trumps with Tempo Dreams Volume 3, a stunning comp that comes to light on the Bastard Jazz label. As is the done thing these days, they also release an EP here to coincide with the compilation, with ‘So Sedated’ (one of the comp’s standout moments and a Soul Clap original) released here as a standalone EP.

‘So Sedated’ sees the lads at their fervent best. Full of sun-kissed melodies and enriching chords, it’s an eclectic and dizzying offering that moves through many shades and sound palettes. Diverse but still sure to do the damage on the dance floor, it’s arguably indicative of their finest release to date. As a bonus (and Soul Clap have always been a pretty respected A&R duo) we’re intro’d to the sounds of Italians Sphynx, who conjure up the sounds of the brilliant ‘Azul’. While its slightly conspicuous by its absence on the compilation, it’s nonetheless a great track in its own right. Celestial and floating on a bed of aptly Italo hues, it too is a track of many guises. Soul Clap have once more come up smelling of roses here: great stuff.