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Simon Berry – Anaconda (Platipus)


Is there anyone out there that hasn’t noticed the return of the legendary Platipus label to the scene? With Simon Berry at the helm you’d better sit up and notice, because he is a producer and music curator with extreme competence, experience and indeed, a man touched by more than a little genius when it comes to coaxing beautiful and unusual noises from machines.

Look past the Platipus back-catalogue, littered with the history of sweaty dance floors and reaching for the lazers, and you will find a sound which straddles the heritage of a classic label sound and the relevance that it brings today.

Simon Berry has recently been a producer bringing his unique sound back to the fore with productions such as ‘Black Rainbow’ and collaborations with Luke Brancaccio on a number of excellent tracks such as ‘Stripes & Stars‘, ‘Pukwudgie’, ‘I Hear This’ and the huge ‘Close Your Eyes’ on Bedrock, one of last summer’s huge anthems.

Anaconda’ is pure Berry with its rolling bassline reminiscent of Union Jack, but the vibe is summery, a delicate, undulating synth line lifting the heavy bottom end and punching through to turn this into a trailblazing, festival romper. It’s not all over yet, there’s a counter melody and a lush breakdown and just when you’re thinking we must be done, along comes a big lead to squiggle its way into your ears. Admittedly it’s a variation on the theme that we know and love Simon for, but when it’s this brilliant you can’t get too much of a good thing.

Tosten Fassbender has been a significant presence since the relaunch of Platipus. His heavier sound is an absolute quality offering but for me, somehow lacks the more soulful quality of the original.

It’s the Kiz Pattison remix that pushes the limits here, representing the sound of an up and coming set of producers who are punching through the scene at present with an uncompromising sound that take no prisoners on the dancefloor. We are seeing a merging of genres with techno, progressive and melodic being smashed together to make peak-time monsters, and this is a great example of just that. Bass driven, clean and carefully arranged this is a solid offering from a producer you’ll be hearing  lot more from.

If you haven’t checked out Platipus lately, go do it, and not just for the back catalogue.

Score: 9/10

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