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It’s always a pleasure to see the talented and hard-working prosper, and in no small measure has this happened for industry veterans Steve Parry and Dave Seaman with their excellent Selador label. They are, of course, heavily embedded in the scene through their own long-standing careers as DJ’s, producers and all-around industry good fellas, but they have steered Selador from being a fledgling label featuring some amazing talent, new and old, to being a monster label and a regular feature in many of the very largest DJ’s on the planet sets.

The fifth edition of Selador’s Showcase series brings us a stellar line up of talent and seven fresh tracks ahead of some full releases down the line. Straight out the gate big-hitters Quivver and Funk D’void team up for smasher of a track in a deep yet vibey, bassline-driven slice of house goodness which shines with their collective decades of experience on the electronic music scene. Brimming with atmosphere this dream-team of Quivver’s ambient sounds and Funk D’void’s driving bassline in a beautiful clean arrangement this truly is a production masterclass with every element perfectly placed on the sonic spectrum. In no rush and with nothing to prove Dual State radiates quality and style and proves that when it comes to collaborations two experienced producers can compliment each other and come up with something special. The excellent Florian Kruse is next up with his brooding, melodic techno roof-raiser Homebound which is another lesson in production, clear and sharp and sonically balanced the pounding backbone is complimented by a combination of effective synth melodies and arpeggios, analogue skullduggery and a series of drops in the arrangements. A volcanic eruption of a track. Regular Bedrock contributor Stelios Vassiloudis offers a relentless juggernaut of energy, leading us into darker territory like a deep-techno death star, menacing yet forward thinking. Syncopat head honcho AFFKT delivers a spiralling, outer-spacey, synth ladened, progressive monster from the deep full of detail, clever drums and big synths. Peak time business. Another huge talent Flowers and Sea Creatures slide into home base with a deep and atmospheric slice of electronica featuring a big chanting vocal, rumbling bassline and delicate atmospherics. Acumen delivers a peak-time, festival moment with a 303 inspired bassline and ethereal pads and Jamie Stevens delivers some inspired drum work set alight by an insistent bassline and melodic tinkling synths. There’s almost too much to take in here, and all tracks are worthy of your attention but the stand-outs are Dual State and Homebound.

Keep your eye on Steve Parry, despite having been a successful DJ in his own right for some time he is fast rising the ranks as both a producer and DJ. If you’re not tuned into Selador you need to change the channel.


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progressive house



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