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Russell – Exostent EP (Floppy Disc)


Russell’s brand new label Floppy Disc debuts with a cracker of a two tracker sparking with energy and peak-time bounciness. This is techno, right? Yes, but quality – and here is the thing – crossover techno. That’s techno that crosses over to other genres, and I see these tracks, especially ‘Exostent’ doing just that.

There are two tracks on offer here, ‘Exostent’ and ‘Lilzer’. ‘Exostent’ is sitting just on the right side of the current big-kick techno style, harnessing that power but remaining useable. What is big here is the groove. A burbling, wide and warm acid line backed by big-bass sub that gives it that punch. Big synth and almost orchestral stabs, melodies and spoken word lyrics.

It’s the drop that propels the whole affair into a frenzy of arm-waving, jumping up and down bonkersness. ‘Exostent’ is a 303 bomb, drop it on your floor and stand back as the explosion rips through the club.

Lilzer’ is a more melodic, deeper track again underpinned with a 303 bassline and spoken word vocals, looped vocal snippets and an ear-catching simple melody. It’s another bomb, but different, a real floor worker.

The more I listen the more I find to like. It wouldn’t surprise me if the big jocks are on this. Cracking inaugural release on Floppy Disc and definitely a label to watch.

Score: 8.5/10

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