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Label: Saved Records

Having made a name for himself by traversing styles and genres with consummate ease, it is perhaps no surprise that Riva Starr’s debut Saved Records is near on impossible to categorise. Although the four new edits constantly shift and slide between genres, they all share the highly energized and charismatic attitude that has been the hallmark of Riva Starr’s career over the years.

The EP begins with a dynamic mashup of DJ Roland Clark’s ‘The First Time’ and Paul C & Paolo Martini’s Take Some Time.’ Drenched in dubby atmospheres, full-bodies bass and spiritual vocals, the track has an old school energy that packs a huge punch. It’s weight sound picks you up and pulls you along with the infectious groove throughout. On his cut of Taras Van Der Voorde’s ‘Chasing Autumns’ Riva Starr combines an upfront techno vibe with a classic house aesthetic. Pounding 4/4s and skipping hi hats blaze the trail as vintage piano chords build momentum over the top.

Riva’s edit of Luca Morris’ ‘Play By Play’ explores a subtly evolving groove that powers the track forward with real intent. The funky drums inject an almost exotic feel, adding to the balmy, party atmosphere that is at play throughout. He finishes the EP off with a sketchy, psychotic edit of Rino Cerrone & Flavio Diaz’ ‘Extraordinary Wiring’ that purrs and winces in every direction courtesy of wildly flailing synths and frenetic FX. Despite its unorthodox trajectory, the track locks into a tightly woven bottom end to retain its energy and dancefloor appeal.

A wonderfully idiosyncratic master class on the art of the edit from Riva Starr, Raw Edits Vol 1 packs in a career’s worth of influences into one stomping four track EP.

Words: Seth White