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Reviewed: Title ‘Shook Up’ EP [Saturate Records]


Saturate Records has definitely gained its reputation as a luminary in the field of bass music, releasing quality across various styles for 10 years. Their new ‘Shook Up’ EP by Title is available for free through their Bandcamp site and here are my two cents about it.

The 7 track EP starts with ‘Reborn’, an ever-flowing piece of relaxed Hip-Hop, fueled with dreamy keys and motivating atmosphere whilst with track number two Title fuses elements from EDM, Pop and Bass House, garnished with pumping kicks resulting in ‘Power Chant’. ‘Defcon’ moves and pushes heavily in the low end and the title track ‘Shook Up‘ goes completely off the hook with its intro developing into an everlasting stepper! ‘Goosebumps’ sprays the feel of an 80s series intro a la Miami Vice and carries the relaxed groove of the EP perfectly. ‘Wind It Slow’ jumps merrily back and forth between minimalistic Glitch Hop and modern RnB and ‘Circles’ delivers some spaced-out Kallimba flavour.

What I especially like about Title’s ‘Shook Up’ EP is the seamless transition between contemporary bass music, lo-fi and mainstream. The good thing about it? It works!

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Umut Avialan

Umut Avialan is a Germany-based freelance content writer and life-long music enthusiast with the insatiable hunger for exploring new stuff. He combines the aforementioned to create vivid and intriguing content for several music publications online.

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