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Pezzner – Squares EP (Get Physical Music)


I really hate it when fabulous new music does not get the recognition it deserves. Pezzner’s Square’s EP has me excited to the point of bursting, and I want others to share that, because this is exactly the type of electronic music that is not being made, played and talked about nearly enough.

Perhaps the deep soulful vibe isn’t instant enough for some people, but I want to assure you that the quality, drive, ethic and sound-design of these tracks is as good as you’re going to hear out there.

Squares is dripping with feeling, like a lover’s argument or a passionate speech, it delivers something that resonates. I’m not sure exactly how, but utilising relatively simple elements such as a super deep-bassline, delicate synth melodies, deep stabs and atmospheric pads Pezzner has just made the groove throb, flex and pop like the house master he is. The lush vocal chants propel the track forward but when the synth riff kicks in, oh boy the whole affair takes off like a two bob rocket.

Programmed in the right place Squares is a roof-lifter, a hand raiser, a sweat dripper and all with the finesse of a henchman eating a cucumber sandwich.

Wandering is more direct club fodder. But those drums hey? You can almost pick a Pezzner track by the sheer power, the clean sound, the punchiness. This is a workout of precisely placed drum elements, of phased percussion, of big bass and ethereal vocals. The power of the groove again is the key here, with a bouncing, head-down moment for those deeper, quirky moments.

The Squares EP is simplicity personified, groove exemplified and experience realised. I love it with a passion.

Score: 8.5/10

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