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Never try and second guess the mind of a genius. This is how I try and look at Paul Woolford’s productions. So varied is his style from techno to breaks, house, ambient and more besides that I wouldn’t always like to pick one out of a line-up. But still, each one is touched with a little genius in its own way whether it’s a piece of left-field, analogue-drenched techno, a slice of underground house or a bonafide roof raiser there’s always something to hone in on that’s interesting, beautiful or downright bonkers. Occasionally (and thankfully those occasions are quite frequent) there are genuine anthems loitering, often unobtrusively, certainly non-committally just waiting to be discovered.
It’s not been that long since the larger than life Mother & Child on Hot Flush swaggered onto dancefloors so I didn’t really expect another tune of this stature just yet. But here is Meditate, hanging back as the second track on the EP, but clearly it’s the biggie of the package. Still, it’s not an obvious floor destroyer, but the insistent bassline and techy vibe are certainly compelling but the 303 melody is killer. The arrangement is (let’s be honest) not conducive to holding a consistent dancefloor with its insanely long analogue crazy breaks and this is exactly what I mean when I say expect the unexpected in that alternative brain of Mr. Woolford. Still, support has been strong from jocks as diverse as Patrick Topping and Joe Goddard. The bonafide banger of the release is Meditate, a jacking, bassline stomping groove of very large proportions. Punctuated with nifty diva vocals in a reminiscent rave style, flanged hi-hats and a simple yet classic drum set this becomes almost Detroit in some ways but then the arpeggio and pad come in and you’re in a different place, soaring and emotional and the track is transformed from a heads-down, back-room groover to a reach-for-the-lazer moment. Everything is, as usual, done in a tasteful yet genre-bending way and as ever leaves you scratching you rheas as to what really is going on in that mind of a genius. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Paul Woolford really is a national treasure.

A very strong release from Eats Everything & Nick Harris’ Edible label. Whilst you’re at it check out Elliot Adamson’s “Where the Fuck’s my Flanger At” largeness all round from Edible.

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