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OdD – Cosmic Energy



Label: Sol Asylum
Score: 7/10

As the title suggest, there is an intergalactic feel to much of this EP that really takes you into the ether. It lands on the cultured Sol Asylum label in the wake of EPs from the label boss and Anton Zap amongst others, and features three cuts of organic, warm and seductive house music that is hugely rhythmically complex. The two producers behind it have been workmen together since 2011 and hail from the UK.

That pair is OdD and their first cut is Vortex. This is a hurried, rippling, soft focus bit of minimal house that is always shuffling and shifting. The drums and hits are soft and bubbly, inviting and groovy, and the pads in the background add a sense of suspension to the whole thing. Pyramid is much the same, with tightly coiled kicks, sinewy synth lines charged with electricity and a humid vinyl crackle encasing the whole thing. Finally, Sphere slows down a little, is less hurried and more spacious, but is still just as stuffed with cosmic feels and resonant vibes. Overall, sexy stuff.


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