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Moonface – Youths ShootiN (If You Wait)


It’s more often than not a sound to behold when Moonface releases a new track. More than 20 years in the house music business, with a number of landmark achievements, the mind of an artist and the underground attitude of a bohemian, Moonface is on top of his game. Uncaring for current trends but utterly tuned into what makes a dancefloor groove, ‘Youths ShootiN’ is a fabulous example of his approach to music. The first thing you notice is how different it is. The feeling takes me back to the heady days of the late eighties when Balearic beats ruled and musical influences converged from a huge array of different sources to make you move.

Youths ShootiN’ is house music, pure and simple. It’s funky and it’s deep, it’s driving, it’s unique but most of all it’s authentic. Show me another artist who could get away with combining those vocal snippets, the flutes, the crazy stabs, the bonkers sound effects, the lush melodies. This is house music to dance to straight out of the record box of Andrew Weatherall as the sun rises on a roofless Amnesia. The way that Moonface makes it hang together could so easily go wrong for another artist but here it’s credible, more than that it’s refreshingly different.

It makes you smile, it makes you dance. It’s not something to try and pigeonhole.

On the remix label boss, the much respected Chris Cargo takes it deep and brooding, with growling analogue pads and utilising those ethnic flutes making an ethereal but up-to-date back-room moment.

A label to keep track of, but with surety I will say that Moonface, an artist with 20 years of musical authority, is delivering his best work to date. Not to be missed.

Score: 8/10

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