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Moonface – U Have 2 Change (Krafted Underground)


There is a certain feeling I get from listening to a Moonface production. It’s the same ponderous feeling you get from reading Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ or looking at a Jackson Pollock painting. It’s the artistic journey that gets me every time, the individualism and the outright uniqueness that seems unattainable in my own sphere, but allows me to peer through a window imagining how it could be done.

When Moonface is in his artistic place there is nothing better than turning on, tuning in and dropping out of the stresses of life whilst it embraces your senses.

U Have 2 Change’ captures that Moonface magic that has been simmering since the heady days of Delta Heavy.

Despite losing myself in the groove, the melody, the richness of the production, what I overwhelmingly receive is the feeling of artistry. This is classic Moonface, the same feeling I got from ‘Futurized Fears’ and Moonface’s remix of Tijuana‘Groove is in the Air’ a mixture of thumping techno groove, lush ambients and a heavy teaspoon of quirkiness thrown in with a good stir.

The big groove is pure club, the vocal and pads are pure mescaline style, mind expansion. The ebb and flow of the song is like watching a spring tide roll in through a storm and drain away to leave a perfect sunset.

I don’t know how Moonface manages to produce a track that is both club and home listening worthy, but he has.

Nick Muir is on fire right now (check his recent remix of John Coasani’s ‘Centauro’ on onedotsixtwo) carving out his classic style and pushing it forward with a heavy techno-prog crossover that is both firing and quality in the same basket.

His remix of ‘U Have 2 Change’ is no exception, firing on all cylinders right off the launch pad, the bass groove is pure heavy, but when the synth overlays drop over the first break it goes roof-lifter.

There’s a huge break featuring the plentiful ambients of the original and, oh man, when that groove kicks back in it’s festival destroying, throwing shapes business.

Despite the remix being a perfect stomping partner, it’s the original for me that has the je ne sais quoi that keeps me coming back on heavy rotation.

The original was championed by John Digweed on his recent US tour (alongside Sasha), a big tune at the Space Miami gig, but also the Nick Muir remix has been getting spins.

One of the underground releases of the year. It could fly under the radar, but let’s hope not. Electronic music of this calibre deserves to be heard.

Score: 9/10

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