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Moojaa & Norman H – Hidden Depths [inc. Robert Babicz Remix]


Don’t you love it when two respected producers come together and form a frisson of emotion and excitement in their new project? It’s even better when it’s two musical movers who have been shaking the electronic music scene for some time, both with a stellar body of work behind them.

Norman H is head of respected Stripped Recordings who have had consistent support over the years from Sasha (who said it was his label of the year) and introduced the world to wonderful artists such as the Über talented Seb Dhajje and Ian O’Donovan. 13 years in you just cannot overlook that kind of commitment and service to electronic music.

Long-time friend and collaborator Moojaa is a talented producer in his own right with releases on Paul Sawyer’s Krafted, Hype and Stripped and a string of remixes including under the moniker he shares with Norman, Supermunn (check Sasha favourite Nomad In The Dark’s Neriya).

What Moojaa and Norman H have come up with for the inaugural release on Voodoo & Prayers, is a wild and dirty, mid-tempo, low-slung, heavyweight groove which is fizzing with back-room energy.

Like a drive through a cityscape at night or a peek into a futuristic world buzzing with flying cars, Hidden Depths is a dark, bass-ridden deep-house ride of epic proportions. Full of cut up vocals, odd ethereal pads and spiralling delays, pulsating swooshes and analogue noises. This is the kind of driving track that takes the top off the big room at a festival even though it has no right to do so. It’s the anti-commercial, the counter to the big-room techno of Ibiza and I love it for that.

Robert Babicz needs no introduction, his productions are legendary. His remix of Hidden Depths is nearly 10 minutes of gently undulating 303, building in a masterclass of anticipation to an acidic crescendo of deep progressive goodness. The vibe is ridiculously fat, full of bottom-end, shuffley percussion, distant melody and groove with all the bent of the day after round the pool soaking up the sun and feeling good about life.

The emotion and enthusiasm, the years of experience, the talent and freshness pour through for this new label. I would wager to say that this project is going to be one to watch. Get on it for the ride, no?

Score: 8.5/10

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