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Mella Dee – Exactly Mate EP (Warehouse Music)


Released on his self-owned label Warehouse Music, Ryan Aitchinson, AKA Mella Dee, has dropped 4 heavy new tracks on his ‘Exactly Mate EP’. Using analogue gear in the relatively fast BPM range of approx 130+, the listener is transported directly into the atmosphere of a warehouse party to experience some of the best contemporary styles with the maturity and class of a real master at work.

The first song, ‘Passing Me By’, holds transcendent deep house energy led by a repetitive piano sample, setting vibes worthy of a fashion runway or watching the landscape unfold through train window as the countryside slides by. The distinctive vocal sample tells the story of a DJ’s cab ride through Chicago. It’s a great narrative and seems to fits Mella Dee’s ethos of individuality really well.

‘Club Vibe’ gradually picks up the pace and is heavily influenced by acid house with an engaging techno progression, containing a heartbeat-like kick paired with a pitched up vocal. The momentum of this track gives the song more of an edge than your average club vibe making this the perfect track to get a crowd going in that cold, empty warehouse space.

Track three is where it gets interesting. Mella Dee takes an experimental turn with ‘Exactly Mate’ blending a very minimalist drum pattern with an almost grime influenced lead synth to create a very unique, genre defying sound. This is innovative as techno can get whilst maintaining originality and accessibility.

Lastly Mella Dee drives us home with the beautiful track ‘Out Of Love’, setting the scene of a starry eyed rooftop disco-techno party in the mid 90s. The filtered hats gives it a vintage feel that pairs perfectly with the rich 90s vocal sample giving it a nostalgic and wholesome effect. This song is perfect for closing out a set and has that real end-of-night feel.

Each track on this EP is well thought out and mastered with a rich driving energy for a musically and culturally forward-thinking crowd. Mella Dee continues to add to the debate by taking musical risks and pushing the boundaries of thought.

Score: 9/10

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