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Matthias Meyer – Strangely Enough EP (Strangely Enough)


Long time Watergate resident and respected producer Matthias Meyer steps out on his own to curate his new label Strangely Enough.

I have always been a fan of resident DJ’s in great clubs like Watergate. They get to know the space, the crowd, nurture a feeling and often develop a sound that suits. Add to this the broad musical palette that is engendered by Watergates inclusive music policy and you have all the ingredients for an interesting project.

And so it seems that is exactly what Matthias Meyers new label and EP ‘Strangely Enough’ is. A haunting two track EP with the emphasis on feeling, this is a welcome departure from thumping house music and a welcome introduction to melodic, sonic landscapes. 

‘Strangely Enough’ is a lush, emotive breaks track that flows like a forest waterfall, undulating and finding its own way on a journey that encompasses delicate arpeggios, melodic vocal snippets and open sky like pads. It’s rare to find such a useable track in the right tempo that can be mixed into house, and one that to a good degree, will keep your floor. Despite sounding crisp, clear and modern there is a certain nod to the old-school that I can’t help thinking goes back to the infamous Northern Exposure and Renaissance albums. It’s not often you find a track of that composition and quality.

Fantazy’ is a housier affair, retaining that melody and feeling that runs throughout Matthias‘ productions. Underpinned by cool percussion, snappy drums and a nagging bassline, it’s the melody that gets you. Lush pads, insistent topline build layer on layer until it all comes together about half way through. How Matthias jams in so much melody I’ll never know but this track is Godly, a drifting, melancholic sunset moment.

Superb to see a new and interesting label that doesn’t sound like everything else out there. I’m interested to see what comes next. Miss this at your peril.

Score: 9/10

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