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Marco Bernardi – Laffer EP Part 2



Label: Barba
Score: 7/10

Marco Bernardi returns for the second part of his Laffer EP series, with the second and final romp contains more lashing of analogue, acid tremors and driving, techno beats. The Barba imprint is fast becoming known for it’s brand of no-nonsense, upfront dance floor material and analogue buff Bernardi has evidently stretched his trusted units to their absolute capacity.

It’s squelching, trippy fare from the get go, with the comically titled ‘Attack of The Dessert Stormers’ with it’s perky, fluctuating acid synth-lines sitting atop roughly cut drum beats and pressurised percussion. A woozy, thumping attack on the senses it’s not for faint of heart. Or indeed, the average functional dance floor.

On the flip, the tone and drive are taken down a notch for Two Sliders, using a pulsing, muted bass line and double clap percussion swells before over-arching, unsettling melodic top lines add melodic groove.

Finishing off the EP is the aptly titled ‘There’s Always Tomorrow’, starting life as a beatless journey as it begins to breathe, shadowing itself among more un-easy, off kilter synth lines before subtle, roughly cut drums and dusty percussion progressively build behind a melodic topline groove. Another successful workout for the Bristol based analogue obsessive – more from Bernardi and the Barba crew soon, please.  



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