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Liu Bei – Atlas World (Solomun Remixes)



Label: 2DIY4

After a couple years at the very top of the house music tree, it’s tempting to wonder where exactly Solomun can go from here. While the rest of us are questioning his merits, he seems to be more concerned doing what he does best, dolling out the goods on the likes of his Diynamic label or – as is the case here – their 2DIY4 sub-label. 2DIY4 seems to be the place for Solomun’s remixes and more obscure records recently, and to be fair, the label does do things that bit differently than its older brother. Not – needless to say – that we’re complaining about the results.

And so it is that we switch our attention to Liu Bei’s ‘ Atlas World’, which is the track that Solomun remixes twice here. The first such remix is the ‘Day’ offering. Subdued in parts but really forceful in others, it’s the sort of track that’d sound especially appropriate under a Balearic skyline. The ‘Night’ mix though, is an entirely different proposition. Full of bulbous synths and a bassline that’s sure to have you reaching for the lasers, it’s the cherry on top of what’s an altogether stunning release. In a scene that so often lacks any tangible musical excellence, Solomun proves once again that he knows how to bring the soul and the colour to his remixes.


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