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Komplexx – The Reason



Label: Mimi Music

Release Date: April 1st, 2016 & April 16th, 2016

The Dutch producer, Komplexx aka Remko Verweij has teamed up with Sascha Dive and Dani Hageman to put forth this esoteric release on his own label, Mimi Music. Named after Remko’s grandmother, Mimi Music is said to be full of life and for the love of dancing. Selecting only the finest house music with melody and soul the debut release, ‘The Reason’ emphasizes just that.

Komplexx is a longstanding producer from the mid-90s who has seen releases on labels such as Shiva Records, Poolside Recordings, and Silhouette. He has been running his own studio engineering company to support local and international talent for the past 6 years in The Netherlands spending much time behind the scenes.

The debut release on Mimi Music is set to come out digitally on April 16th and contains the original as well as 5 alternate versions of ‘Reason’. The vinyl release is out now with side A containing the remix by Sascha Dive and side B with the remix by Dani Hagemann. On the digital release, label head, Komplexx provides an original version as well as an instrumental in addition to the remixes by Sascha Dive and Dani Hageman.

The original track displays nostalgic vocals with a captivating melody that becomes skewed and twisted at times allowing for a perplexed perception and a bit of bewilderment. The percussion lets the production rhythmically vacillate throughout while integrating with the builds and blends.

Sascha Dive’s remix adds acceleration to the track allowing for the melody to bleed in unobtrusively. His ability to stretch the release another three minutes with a mesmeric build half way through is exquisite granting way for the continuation of the driving bassline and percussion. The subtle hints of the vocal and intensity of the production are absolutely brilliant.

Dani Hageman’s mix stretches out the vocal a bit more and steadily builds the production by continuously implementing various harmonious and percussive elements. Dani’s version allows for a much gentler and deeper rendition of ‘Reason’ making for a great release to play during peak time hours or the wee hours of the morning.

The Sascha Dive remix stands out the most off this release and is now available in vinyl stores worldwide and will be available via digital on April 16th.