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K.A.L.I.L & Cam Harris – Order (Second State)


Pan-Pot’s home of music Second State has been going from strength-to-strength with a cast of the who’s who of big-room techno, Alan Fitzpatrick, Amelia Lens, Stephan Bodzin and Micheal Klein to name but a few.

New signing K.A.L.I.L & Cam Harris look set to rise amongst the ranks of these techno warriors with their debut for Second State ‘Order’.

As with many great ideas, it starts with a great story. Resident and promoter at New Zealand’s Collude & Sonorous Festival, Cam Harris was taking time overseas in Sao Paolo absorbing the sights and sounds and the thriving electronic music scene. When acquaintance and fellow DJ/producer D-Nox suggested he spend some time with Brazilian producer and DJ K.A.L.I.L. 

Whilst this unlikely meeting of musical minds seems somewhat random, the results are anything but. K.A.L.I.L & Cam Harris have created a clean big-room techno sound that unlike many tracks in the genre, manages to walk the line between the all-important big-room techno energy but critically to inject some soul and groove into their tracks.

Order’ kicks off the proceedings with a bottom-heavy, rolling bassline banger that builds and builds, layering snappy percussion, lush pads and a spoken vocal. This is peak-time business, head down, working the floor music. But when the break hits and those pads kick in there’s a reach for the strobe moment before that all important bassline takes control.

Disorder’ follows with a pounding groove led by an immense kick. Smouldering through the groove is a simple synth riff and counter that builds through the arrangement. Its simplicity is key for the clean sound that seems to be the K.A.L.I.L & Cam Harris signature sound. However the synth riff takes ‘Disorder’ to another level when it hits the break, adding a lead and a cool military snare roll.

What is good here is every sounds is perfectly and carefully selected, the arrangement is primed to destroy dancefloors and I strongly suspect that’s what ‘Disorder’ does.

Rocko Garoni takes it harder on the remix. It’s one for the hard techno room. A solid interpretation but for me the originals are the pick, especially ‘Disorder’.

Keep your eye on this production team, if this sets the standard there must be great things to come.

Score: 9/10

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