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Golden Eye – Mutual Dub EP


Golden Eye

Label: Foundation Channel
Score: 8/10

California producer Golden Eye makes the kind of music that mixes up deep dubstep, the stabbing synths of G Funk, a strong psychedelic influence and straight up heavy dub into a heady mix for the body and the mind.

Mutual Dub kicks off with the title track and combines squealing G Funk rhythms with the deep throb of bass and beats and some Dancehall vocals that really set things off nicely and sets the tone and vibe for the whole EP and this is followed by Hustlin, a big track where the psychedelics really kick in to great effect offering a trippy and warped take on the deep rhythms that abound. Fully Loaded takes a more traditional dub approach, a track that mixes the deepness with the digital and makes the track come off as both warm and welcoming on approach.

The fact that Golden Eye is from Cali means that West Coast G Funk influence is one that pervades over the Mutual Dub EP as it does on the title track and especially on gully closer Saturate but the fact that this is combined with the deep dub means that it is elevated to the fullest, sounding massive and anthemic in the process, and one that is chilled out but with the right amount of edge and has maybe even just a little bit of menace to it as only G Funk can.

With Mutual Dub, Golden Eye has made music that will satisfy the heads with its mix of golden West Coast flavour and deep, deep dub and is one that fans of the likes of Matty G and Joker will savour.