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El Mundo – Wandering EP (Do Not Sit On The Furniture)


What I love about electronic music is finding artists that were somehow not on your radar but to whom you feel an immediate affinity with. It strikes me that I should be an El Mundo fan. In almost every way every box is ticked; deep, driving, melodic and the quality of production is simply off the scale.

This is El Mundo‘s first original production since November 2017 and despite a walk through his collab back catalogue returning some super fine results you have to ask yourself why.

There are three tracks, one dub and no remixes, which me for me is always a real sign of confidence in the original productions.

The lead track ‘Wandering’ takes the current deep house sound made popular by Lee Burridge‘s out of this world ‘All Day I Dream’ label and ups the ante. It’s cinematic, emotional, orchestral and vocal, it works in a club and on your headphones. The ambients are nothing short of magnificent, there’s a simple bassline the sound of which I’ve never really heard before, punchy drums and superb layered percussion, catchy ear-worms galore but oh boy those elegant, shimmering strings pick you up twirl you round and put you right in the conductor’s shoes. When the break kicks in at about 3 minutes and the vocal edges in to centre stage it’s all over. It’s immediate, it has longevity, it’s deep it’s captivating. There isn’t much more you could ask for.

Little Steps Towards the Sun’ despite being less immediate than ‘Wandering’ is a real grower with its subtle, repetitive melody, ambient sounds that jump out the speakers with a slap and a deep bottom end that takes the whole thing and shoots it off into outer space. If this was the first thing that aliens heard when they came into radio range I would not be ashamed. It’s other-worldly good.

Rainbow’ is lovely too. It’s percussive and Balearic, lush and emotive. It’s unfortunate it’s overshadowed by its very own siblings, but still you can’t take away the fact that three sublime tracks on one EP is a rare occurrence.

This doesn’t sound like a modern release. It sounds analogue, like it was recorded on a Neve console and fired into outer space to gather star dust and allowed to drift back down to earth.

What a beautiful moment in time.

My only criticism of the whole release is the dub of ‘Wandering’ isn’t really needed, otherwise a more perfect modern deep house release I have not heard in a while (perhaps apart from Sebastian Leger‘s ‘Dida’.

Miss this at your peril.

Score: 9/10

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