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EdOne has been an ever steady presence in the house music scene for some time now, slowly growing in stature and maturity. His form has spiked lately with a stellar remix on Blaktone‘s ‘Acid Obsession’ a release on the excellent Eleatics (with a rather tasty Sahar Z remix) and the pinacle, ‘Never Alone‘ on Selador. It’s almost as if everything has come together for EdOne on this EP. We know he feels at home on Selador, “EdOne is rapidly becoming something of a star player in the ongoing Selador story” says label co-head Steve Parry. The production quality is exceptional with a great balance of sounds and a mixdown that jumps right out the speakers and whirls around the room giving your hair a playful ruffle for good effect.

There are three tracks on offer and they are all different enough to make the release interesting, yet still retain that signature driving sound. Title track ‘Never Alone’ pulls no punches from the very start with a big kick drum, analogue synth and single note piano, quickly building into a searing lead, cut-up vocals and large vocal in the drop. When it kicks out of the drop the synth riff ramps the energy and you’re looking down the barrel of a mid to peak-time roller.

Wonderfully named ‘LFO Hammer’ takes a darker approach with a seven minute, strapping percussive, stabby workout that’s just bonkers enough to blow some minds at 3am when things are flagging.

The stand-out track is the last on the EP ‘Simplicity’. To my ear ‘Simplicity’ is anything but, yet its playful aesthetic and organicness could have it sitting on a label like Fryhide and it comes as no surprise that some of the big jocks like Solomun and Frankey & Sandrino are supporting. What I love about ‘Simplicity’ is the pure level of fun that barrels out the speakers like a train out of a tunnel. Jangling piano, undulating lead synth, bouncy, slap-bass, shuffly percussion and some guitar like business in the break. This is Balearic as hell, the sound of the sunrise after a life-changing night clubbing or a story unfolding musically in front of your eyes. So good you can almost see it.

Whatever happened to EdOne it might be time to paddle, pop and jump on the wave. You don’t want to miss this ride.

Score: 9/10

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