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Dudley Strangeways & Michael McLardy – Joshua Calling EP


226188Label: Leftback Records
Score: 9/10

Nottingham’s finest underground house & techno label celebrates it’s tenth vinyl release with a superb offering from its co-founders Dudley Strangeways and Michael Mclardy on the ‘Joshua Calling’ EP.

Coming as no surprise, the quality and attention to detail on this record is second to none and the focus on a minimalist, charismatic nature of music that fits in line with the rest of their back catalogue is on full display to note the landmark of reaching double figures.

Dudley presents the first two A-slices. On ‘Hallam’ we are greeted with eerie, melodic chimes that would not sound out of place in a Villalobos after hours selection. Shuffling hi-hats combine with bleeps and whirring that suck you into a devilish trance. A brief moment in the breakdown sends you back to friendlier climes, before grasping you in the repetitive melody once again.

‘What’s Wrong’ continues on the rhythmic trip. A fine groove from the outset, progressing throughout with high-end percussive intricacy and the vocals to make you ask the question. Have you worked it out yet?

On the flip Michael McLardy demonstrates complex understanding. ‘Uno”s bassline is a real highlight, rolling and pulsating over an innovative beat. Dancefloor, yet inspired. ‘Prana’ is a special track and one that should be saved for listening in those moments of serenity and privacy. A slow, ethereal burner that simmers with gothic synths across a broken, UK inspired drum pattern.

The Leftback records owners mark their tenth release with a real display of maturity and delicacy. Their stock sure to continue only rising, with this outstanding presentation of production talent.

Available in all good record stores now