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DJ T. – Istanbul (Get Physical)


I couldn’t love DJ T. much more. He treads the line between genres so successfully and makes it look easy in the process. Appealing to house, techno and more left-field producers is not an enviable task but you get the feeling he doesn’t do this on purpose, it’s just the way it is, it’s what makes him tick, what makes up the fabric of his being.

DJ T. has a special relationship with Get Physical, especially as he founded it with the equally brilliant M.A.N.D.Y, and it seems such a natural fit that his latest release ‘Istanbul’ has come home to roost, settling in for a perfect view and an unfettered sunset to bed you in for the night.

The lead track Istanbul is a wonderful, quirky, ethnic workout of mid-tempo Balearic house chugginess. The beauty is in the simplicity, the choice of elements and the experience that DJ T. brings to his productions. The drums are simple and not overbearing, with the help of some suitably ethnic percussion propels everything in a nod-headingly effective direction. It’s the bassline that is the wowzer. Funky, hollow synth bass, naggingly repetitive but sitting brilliantly in the track. Then there is the Eastern influenced melody, the off-kilter riffs adding a little weirdness and big snarling analogue type inserts. This just shouldn’t work but it does. It’s really inspired. Dare I say it, but this track works best when it’s grooving without the main melody but hey, all-in-all this is a cracker.

The second track ‘Sufi’s Dance’ is a full eight minutes of throbbing, chanting bonkersness. It’s another demanding piece of music. It demands you listen, and demands you react, it could demand you dance too and I could see that happening when programmed correctly into a set. It’s percussive, it’s analogue and heavy, gritty and grooving. It’s the kind of track you’d hear Andrew Weatherall playing perhaps, and scratch your head at the sheer audacity of the whole affair.

I have a real problem that not enough people understand what an important label Get Physical is. If you’re not tuned in, start fiddling with the dial.

Get your quirk on people.

Score: 8.5/10

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