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Dee Montero – Full Body



Label: Saved Records
Score: 8/10

Saved Records channel an old school intensity with their latest EP, drawing on the traditions of classic house and techno whilst injecting a contemporary feel with the ‘Full Body’ EP. Featuring two highly accomplished producers with decades of experience between them in Dee Montero and ex-LFO member Gez Varley aka G-Man, there is perhaps no wonder that the release harks back to the underground sound of the early 1990s. Neither Dee Montero’s original or G-Man’s remix is simply an exercise in a revivalist appropriation of a sound consigned to the past though, with each producer seeding in their own futuristic notions of electronic music into the fold.

Dee Montero’s ‘Full Body’ is a full throttled and hypnotic tech cut. Relentless in its energy, the track is built on a runaway groove that speeds away alongside a deep, rolling bassline and punching beats. A frenetic top end is a fevered patchwork of modern FX, rapid percussion and jagged synths. Classic vocals and a melodic breakdown release some of the weight but only briefly, allowing proceedings to fire straight back into top gear and explode into a fury of driving grooves.

G-Man’s remix is much deeper, patching the United States’ long-standing passion for deep house together with the innovations in UK techno. Warm pads stretch over a deep, flowing bassline and subtle synths to create a lush, fuzzy atmosphere. It sounds relaxed, yet packed with power and purpose. Loose but restrained. A perfect embodiment of the connection between dancefloors of the early 90s and today, Saved Records get it bang on once again.

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