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BOg and LKF – Her Song (Watergate)


I can’t get enough of BOg at the moment, especially these collaborations with vocalists and vocal groups like LKF and GHEIST (check BOg & GHEIST – ‘Venere’). Watergate has grown out of being a great club to being a great label too. There have been some amazing releases already from Artbat, WhoMadeWho, Adana Twins, La Fluer and more proving that Watergate really have their finger on the pulse.

‘Her Song’ is another of those electronic vocal offerings that could so easily go wrong but it’s kept well in check by BOg‘s exceptional production skills and taste in what works. There is a simple, catchy melody and chunky drum set with some quirky ambients all carried by that full vocal. It’s actually a lovely offering but for some indefinable reason it doesn’t elevate to the place you feel it should.

It’s the dub that allows the whole production to gel, by letting it breath and adding bass, reducing the vocal and introducing a lush pad composition. But wait, what’s that catchy rave like riff? It seems so familiar, but yet I don’t think I have heard it before. laid back and soulful, driving and plentiful like a summer’s afternoon with nothing to do but dream and watch the sun drift into a haze.

The third and final track ‘Discrete Class’ is a deeper affair, complementary and enjoyable but not really needed.

This is a great release from a great label, but it’s all about the dub of ‘Her Song‘.

Score: 8/10

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