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Boatman – Everyou (All Day I Dream)


What the heck has happened to Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream brand? One minute you’re minding your own business, smoking a fag and kicking a can about, the next minute you look around All Day I Dream parties are ruling the planet and the label has gone on to forge its own emotional, deep and dreamy sound that is unlike any other.

In fact Lee Burridge is only half of the story, his partner Matthew Dekay has long been a respected face on the electronic music scene and together they have a shared vision to collaborate, to make music and to promote a special kind of atmospheric party, born perhaps, from the art-house & music crossover scene of Burning Man.

I tuned into All Day I Dream when Sebastian Leger started to release a kind of music on the label that was so perfect in every way it made you want to weep with joy, or if you were a producer run away and bury your synthesisers in a big hole and wish you’d never bothered. But things started long ago in 2011 and Lee and Matthew have been working their way to the current platform of excellence ever since.

Boatman is the latest signing to All Day I Dream and he is so perfect for the label you would have picked him out of a musical line-up and pointed him in the direction of Lee & Matthew.

There are three tracks here, ‘Everyyou’ with Pedro Pozos is a composition of mature, almost filmic music with a touch of the deep house, but mainly composed of divine ambients, angelic and magnificent in their clarity. There are guitars, cello, floaty vocals and many other lovely sounds that words do no justice to. This is the antithesis to modern busy life. Lay down in the sunshine and watch a cloud float past or empty your mind and fill it with beautiful sound.

‘Shanti Shanti’ is the killer track of the three. To my ear it has that balance of club accessibility and deepness, whilst retaining the emotion. If you are looking for a club slayer this isn’t your track, ‘Shanti Shanti’ needs to be programmed carefully. It’s a transition, a deep moment, a dark back-room special moment or a an epic sunrise moment. The sounds here are programmed magnificently, I’m not 100% sure but it could be sitar or some kind of Turkish instrument, the bass is clear and crisp, the pads are beautiful. ‘Shanti Shanti’ is a soulful piece of music, like a pearl of wisdom floating down the Ganges or a life changing experience.

‘The Space Between’ is a variation on a theme, expect the same luscious and soulful, deep-house vibes. It’s a lovely track again, this time featuring some spellbinding strings. What can I tell you, it’s out there in the cosmos like a deep-thinker floating through space.

We need more labels like All Day I Dream and more artists like Boatman. Stunning.

Score: 8.5/10

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