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It’s not often you meet such an individual pair of artists as Anstascia D’Elene and Vivie-ann Bakos, otherwise known as BLOND:ISH.

The two began DJ’ing in their native Montreal, taking on the name of their club night and breaking out to become successful producers in their own right. After a great run on Kompakt, Get Physical and Warung (to name a few) that has set their sound and established the pair as the spiritual ambassadors of house, quirky and left-of-field, organic and unusual, the pair have moved on to curate their own label ABRACADABRA.

“We  really  felt  like  taking  our  music  in  a  direction  of  a circus  vibe,  just  like  at  the  circus’  &  theme  parks  when  we  were  younger, evoking  feelings of being  free & curious” says Vivie-Ann  and Anstascia.

Their music isn’t just designed to make you dance it’s a narrative in sound, like a day out with your friends, a weekend with a lover or a connection to someone you never met before. It’s a journey but a story, a conjuring of images through sound.

The BLOND:ISH trademark chunky, percussive house is there in spades. It’s funky too, like most BLOND:ISH productions but Circus is a step up in production quality. It’s a romping, pumping, vocal chanting, filtered-riff, ethereal day trip from the comfort of your own dancefloor.

It’s like quality house music just got its character back.

You like, fire-eating, lions jumping through hoops, clowns and trapeze, popcorn and ringmasters? You’ll like this too, it’s a show, but all wrapped up in a 909 kick, a chunky, dirty, funky bass and a whole heap of bonkersness.

Who was it talking, recently, about first rate house music being little works of art? Let me tell you, this one achieves it. Forget your big-room techno. A day out at the Circus is much, much better.

With releases on ABRACADABRA forthcoming from Bloem and Sobek and with BLOND:ISH on top form you’d do much worse than sitting up and paying attention. One of the best releases this month.

Score: 9/10

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