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Audiogliders – Hot Jupiters (ASTIR Recordings)


ASTIR is a record label founded by a group of people who live and breathe electronic music, who have been around the scene for a long time and want to make a difference. They are responsible for pushing through new sounds and concepts and representing the productions coming from within and around their collective. There is, undeniably, an element of nostalgia (or maybe Postmodernism) with influences and label artists from the Illuminati of house such as Moonface and Pako & Frederik but this redrawing of experience defines the label sound to some extent. ASTIR has, however, made a solid start with a number of excellent artists and releases and looks to be one of those labels who will grow a steady following by releasing great quality, well curated music.


The original mix of Hot Jupiters is a round-bottomed, house-progressive crossover which has a driving groove underpinning a pacey melodic delivery. The quality of production is excellent with a lovely balance of elements in the mix, an uncrowded landscape of all the right elements, chuggy bass, vocal snippets, and handsome synth riffs. The stand out elements are the vocal in the break, the other-worldly synths and counter melody that add up to be a real ear-worm. There’s a lot of detail in there that works really well to present what is a polished, mature sound.

Progressive-house stalwarts Tripswitch certainly aren’t afraid of their own sound. 9 minutes of in-your-face multi-layered progness, that slowly builds to a smouldering climax, utilising the melody in a clever, subtle way but mainly driving the bass-tones and analogue elements to make a bottom-heavy, peak-time smasher.

Partenaire completes the package with his darker, contemporary take, brooding and menacing its way through 7 minutes of strobe-lit, bass-bin-bouncing, 2am sweatiness.

Good solid stuff from the ASTIR crew that further cements their reputation as a label to watch.

Score: 8/10

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